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How Events Are Organized

Your Meals to Missions event is a highly refined fundraising campaign that culminates with a Meal Packing Party. The event takes 8-10 weeks to plan and is organized by 4-6 volunteer leaders. We train your volunteer team and coach them through a process focused on helping you maximize funds raised.


At a high level, your job is to recruit your fundraising participants and corporate sponsors. The Meals to Missions Foundation Team’s job is to bring the Event Package: the funding strategy, meals, materials, technology, and team guidance – plus donated t-shirts and fundraising reward incentives. We’ll run your Packing Party event and manage all of your overseas food distributions.

How Money is Raised

Our fundraising model has been refined from over 30 years of experience conducting major fundraising events. We focus on three big “buckets” of money: Participant Personal Fundraising (through a short texting campaign using our technology platform), Lead Donors (help launch the campaign with generous donations), and Corporate Sponsors. The missional and humanitarian aspects of your Meals to Missions event drives these three areas much higher than other typical charity fundraisers.

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Strong Media Draw

Meals to Missions events move peoples’ hearts and connect them to a cause greater than themselves. Especially for Millennials and Gen-Z participants, these younger people want to DO something with their hands to help others... dig wells, build houses, etc. A meal packing event provides a hands-on opportunity to serve others around the world.


The process is also very attractive to local media. Most Meals to Missions events have TV news crews and print reporters attending. The event creates a great forum to promote your cause and provides heartwarming photos and story content for your own marketing and donor relations.

Core Values Alignment

Meals to Missions events are strong extensions of the core values and organizational priorities of most nonprofit organizations. They are mission-centered and both local and global in impact. Additionally, they are built on principles of service, selflessness, generosity and compassion. Note the M2M Event Core Values to the right. It's often hard to find fundraisers that match an organization's core values – how many of these values on the diagram match yours?

Meal Ingredients

Each bag’s ingredient mix is a highly nutritious formulation designed by dietitians at General Mills for children facing malnutrition. Each bag contains rice (carbohydrates), soy, beans and/or lentils (protein), dehydrated vegetables and Vitamix (19 essential vitamins and minerals). Each bag is boiled and simmered with six cups of water. The resulting mix is warm, highly nutritious and actually tastes good!

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