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The Meals to Missions Foundation

We are all about Bringing Good to The World!


The Meals to Missions Foundation partners with other nonprofits to help them raise significant money for their organizations. We have developed an exceptional fundraising event that couples fundraising best-practices with an extraordinary indoor “mission trip” humanitarian experience. These events create a "wow factor" for our nonprofit partners that excites their participants to engage stronger and raise more money. 


The Meals to Missions Foundation leverages 30 years of fundraising experience from our founder who has conducted over 2,800 major fundraising events in 48 states and throughout Canada. These events have raised approximately $130,000,000 for a variety of charities, schools and sports teams. 


Our foundation model is built on the T-E-A-M Concept: Together Everyone Achieves More! 


Our goal is to help other nonprofits be more financially successful while bringing more good to the world through Meals to Missions. This partnership allows our foundation to also fund our own Meals AND Missions: through our partnerships, we are able to send more meals to the world plus fund our own Mission Priorities – fresh water projects, microbusiness startups, literacy projects and orphanage support. 

M2M Foundation Priorities: Meals AND Missions

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