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Meal Distribution Sites

The 10,000 - 50,000 meals packed by your Meals to Missions event participants are distributed to both your local community and to a high-poverty destination in the U.S. or overseas. Meals are distributed by humanitarian workers and volunteers in those countries through a variety of channels. A Meals to Missions event gives your participants the opportunity to not only impact your local community, but also have a direct hands-on impact on other parts of the world!

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Haiti meals are distributed to over 20 small schools, orphanages and families in rural villages. Much prior meal distribution occurred in Port-au-Prince, but it’s too dangerous currently for volunteer workers.

Appalachian Mountains - KY

These meals go in weekend backpacks to every school child in Harlan County Kentucky’s 20 schools and about ten schools in its neighboring county. This food is often the only meals the child’s family has to eat for the entire weekend. 

Ghana Africa

Ghana meals are distributed to a variety of sites in the country to impoverished children and families in rural schools and villages. Many of these are marginalized families with no means of support.

Ukraine War Zones

Ukraine meals are distributed through Open Door Missions and are sent to combat zones and hard-hit communities. They are distributed from armored vehicles to people who are war-traumatized and literally starving to death.


Bangladesh meals distribute to children and families in the Rohingya Refugee Camp (the largest refugee camp in the world) and to a children’s home caring for 10-14 year old girls rescued from sex trafficking.



Meals in Jamaica are distributed to school age children in a number of small schools throughout the island. These meals provide food three days a week for students and ensures that they are receiving good nutrition.

Sri Lanka

Meals in Sri Lanka are distributed through a partner organization called UCF and are sent into dozens of poor coastal communities and interior villages throughout the country to school-aged children and families.

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